Muhammad Ans

Muhammad started his career as a Customer Service Agent back in 2014. Then, he worked in different roles until he got the chance to work in a Software Firm. This experience entirely changed his way of thinking and ultimately he along with Shakeel thought about opening their own IT Company. Muhammad has vast experience working in different Customer Service roles and has managed Software Teams at a large scale. Muhammad’s experience in Customer Relations is an asset to the company, his skills have helped pave the way for company’s success.

Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqi

Shakeel began his Software Development career in early 2000s. He has over 15 years of experience working as a PHP Developer. Over these years, he has worked with numerous international and local clients. He has always been very successful in keeping his clients happy, some of his clients even give him the credit for their success. Shakeel’s knowledge and expertise in Software Development helps the company develop different Software Solutions and websites for its clients.